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Become a Tefco Distributor

Tefco is seeking knowledgeable canine professionals to become distributors around the United States.

Current Distributor Locations:

Map of Tefco Raw Dog Food Distributors in United States

Excellent Opportunity

For canine professionals such as holistic veterinarians, trainers, breeders, dog show vendors, and boarding facilities Tefco offers the opportunity to enhance the health and vitality of the dogs that you work with while also driving a new revenue stream and referral base for your business.

Become a Raw Dog Food Distributor

Tefco Values our Distributors

Tefco offers exclusive territories, ramp up assistance, marketing support, customer referrals and a direct line for assistance anytime you need it.


Our distributors enjoy exclusivity in their sales territory. We are very dedicated to our distributors success and we have found that exclusivity is a major cornerstone in that success.

  • No Overlapping
  • Exclusive Territory


Tefco provides marketing support to drive new customers to our distributors. Tefco’s Marketing Manager uses a combination of organic and paid marketing to drive leads in your area. .

  • Paid Marketing
  • Drives New Customers


Due to Tefco food being preservative free we are only able to provide product to customers through distributors. The customers that we drive through our presence are given to distributors.

  • Free Referrals
  • We Don’t Sell Direct

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Who Do I Work For?

    A: Yourself. A Tefco Raw Dog Food distributorship is 100% your own business. Work at your own pace – no pressure and no quotas.

  • Q: How Much Can I Make?

    A: Like any business, how much you make is dependent on how much effort you invest. Make from $1,000 to over $6,500 depending on how much time you invest into growing your customer base.

  • Q: How Much To Get Started?

    A: You will need to purchase a pallet of product, which costs roughly $3,500 including freight shipping and you will need around 50 cubic feet of freezer space to store your inventory of raw dog food. We recommend shopping around for the best deals on deep freezes.

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