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Jeff Cormier
Dogs Gone Raw

Paxton, Massachusetts

I have been feeding my own dogs raw for four years and distributing for three years. Our oldest Boxer, who recently passed away, was switched to raw at 7 years of age and lived a very healthy life up until his passing. He was six weeks shy of 14 years old. Since then, all of my dogs have been raw fed since they were puppies and I receive comments on a regular basis regarding their physical appearance, particularly their teeth and coats. They are all extremely fit.


My favorite breed of dog is the European Boxer. My family and I are currently raising three boxers, all of European lineage, and we are raising them on raw food.

I enjoy the breed so much I have begun a breeding program of boxers.
With luck, we will have our first litter on the ground this fall.

I am looking forward to raising these puppies on raw food.

Tefco Distributor Information:

Tefco products are able to be picked up at my location any time and any day as long as I receive notice ahead of time. I travel quite a bit and announce where I and headed as I am able to meet people along my route.

I have established a Facebook group for customers that gives them immediate updates on where I am headed. The site is called DGR / Raw Dog Food New England.

There has also been a nice relationship developed amongst customers who are close in proximity as they will take turns meeting me and picking up not only their food but others that are close and arrange pick up with each other.

There is always plenty of Performance Dog in stock, any other products are available with a pre order. I announce when I am placing an order through Facebook. Those that want other products from our website can order at this time. I also offer a large variety of antlers which can be delivered directly to you at any time

Contact Phone Number: 774-234-7299

Contact Email: cormierjeff@hotmail.com