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Alta Kremp
NE Florida Raw Dog Food, LLC

Green Cove Springs, FL

Five years ago, I was able to achieve my lifetime dream of becoming a professional dog trainer. I work with all breeds teaching owners pack leadership and how to communicate with their dogs. I also train service dogs and handlers. Part of my course work as a trainer included dog nutrition, and I quickly learned that commercial, processed food was the worst choice. I fed a home cooked diet and began feeding raw following an injury to one of my dogs. The difference in all of my dogs was staggering, and I began promoting and teaching raw feeding to all of my clients, but finding all the right elements for a raw diet can be very time consuming. Now, as a Tefco Distributor, I am proud to provide the very best in raw nutrition that is complete and convenient.


I love all breeds, but Dobermans have my heart.

Our current pack is Doberman, Captain; Pit/Mastiff, Honey; White German Shepherd, Luna, and our little pit, Tuxie.


I have clients that range from award winning breeders to rescues; from high level competition dogs to family pets, and they are all thriving on Tefco Performance Dog Diet!

Tefco Distributor Information:

NE Florida Raw Dog Food serves Jacksonville, FL and surrounding area for a 100 mile radius. We keep Performance Dog Diet, Green Tripe, Oxtails and Neck Bones in stock for the convenience of our customers, and we regularly meet “in the middle” with customers whenever possible. We are happy to order and stock any Tefco product that our customers want, so check out the Tefco page and let us know what other items you might like!

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Contact Email: akremp@hotmail.com

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